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What you can do to implement ‘NOW’ during this Coronaviurs pandemic. Hopefully, this will alleviate a little pressure in your life. Hope for the best, and expect the worst. Don’t listen to fearmongers. They’re just trying to capitalize. Don’t watch the news and be smart. If you want real news, get it straight from the horse’s mouth.. Follow the President’s Twitter Account and the CDC for real information. Just stay calm and everything will be alright.

  1. Panic Mode: Nothing ever good comes from panicking. See what makes sense before you act.
  2. PANIC MODE 2: If you think you may have contracted the Coronavirus, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT RUN TO THE HOSPITAL! Call 911 or your hospital first. Don’t put others at risk by contaminating other people. Chances are you’re alright, if you were smart that is.
  3. CURE: Currently there is no vaccine cure for this virus. They are still testing it.
  4. Start planning ahead: What food and supplies do you need in the next month or two. Don’t depend on Amazon due to delivery delays. Order now, get it later.
  5. Medical Supplies: Make sure you have a basic med kit.
  6. Rationing: Start to ration your supplies and shop smart.
  7. GAS Shortage: We’ve had this issue in the US plenty of times. If you have two cars, fill them both up, leave one in the garage and the other one to drive to the store or wherever.
  8. WHEN TO SHOP: Don’t go during peak times. Better to scavenge in the early morning, or late at night when everyone is sitting home, bored out of their minds. Remember Minimum Exposure and wear gloves when you do go to the store or to fill up your tank. remember that this virus can live on surfaces. Remember to always wash your hands and take every protective measure you can.
  9. RECESSION: This may or may not happen, so don’t get caught with your pants down. I would start planning on cutting things that you don’t need. Learn how to be resourceful and don’t get into debt.
  10. SAY NO: How to say NO to people who are getting bored and wanting to get together. NO! Don’t deplete your supplies.
  11. STAY HOME: Be smart, try to limit going outside. If you do, go for a walk and keep your distance from other people. Be smart!
  12. Be NICE To People: People will remember how you reacted during this time. People will not help you if a situation was to come about again.
  13. DISTANCE: Try to limit your distances and conversations with strangers. Just go on with your business. IN & OUT.
  14. DONATE BLOOD: Hospitals need your blood. It’s your DUTY as a citizen. Remember it could be you laying on a hospital bed. RED CROSS
  15. GUN & WEAPONS: Be prepared. Secure your house! As you know many police stations from around the country have stated that they have to focus on the virus and not petty crimes. The police are pretty much telling you that you’re on your own. Remember you are your first-responder and not the police. Your responsibility is you and your family.
  16. REMAIN CALM: We will get over this, be strong, be smart and don’t panic!
  17. MENTAL STATE: Get into the mindset that you will get out of this. Trust me!
  18. PSA: Listen to what the Government has to say and the CDC health organization.
  19. THE NO-NO. Yes-YES. Get used to washing your ass in the shower. Does ‘spare a square’ sound familiar? This message is especially for the ladies that wipe their asses like a drunk drinking at a bar.
  20. ENJOY: One day you’ll look upon this and say when was the last time you ever had weeks, maybe months off? WAKE UP EARLY! WORKOUT! Be productive, be resourceful, stay focused , learn a language, do something you always wanted to do. Take advantage of this time and your family.
  21. GUN SHOPS ARE OPENED: President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security released updated guidelines naming gun manufacturers and retailers as essential on Saturday, which means they are to stay open and operational nationwide during a Chinese coronavirus shutdown.
  22. RETURN TO SERVE: For any retired military personal, if you haven’t received that email, you will. You will be ordered to serve again. For those who were not in the military, you may be asked to volunteer your services in some form or another. It is your duty to help on any level; doctors, nurses, retired law enforcement, Veterans and other pertinent retirees.



Help STOP the Chinese Coronavirus!
1. HANDSWash them often
2. ELBOWCough into it       
3. FACEDon’t touch it          
  4. SPACEKeep safe distance 
5. HOMEStay if you can      


P.S. Remember the simpler things in life will keep you safe.


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