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I remember that awful day. I remember Mikey was exhausted, and he could barely keep his eyes opened. He’s been up for about two days and I took a blanket from the closet and covered him. Mikey’s eyes slowly opened and he said, “I’m not sleeping Isabelle.”

I could see it written all over Mikey’s face as if he’s been through this before with KC. I have never seen such a bond between these two and that goes for the rest of the boys. I looked around this hospital room and they’re all here: Kevin, Tommy, Billy, Johnny, Pete standing, never moving from their spot. They even ate standing up and when one went to the bathroom the other would take his spot, and when one would take a catnap, the others ones would take shifts.

“Mikey, what is it with KC and why is he so special?”
“Tell me.”
Mikey opened his eyes and said, “He’s more special than you think.”
“What do you mean by special?”

Mikey didn’t have an answer for me. It was obvious by his expression that he was hiding something from me. I was getting a bit curious and I turned and looked at Mikey, but he quickly stopped me and said, “Don’t even go there Isabelle, and try and get a little rest.”

Mikey and I would remain there for the next few days as the boys made their rounds and the girls would take turns helping me. My conversations were low keyed, but I would only talk to Madeleine and that’s how it would continue until the fifth day. And then, it was around two in the morning, the hospital was quiet and I decided to take a shower. Mikey went out to buy another pack of cigarettes while AJ was waiting for me to finish up—I was alone, crying…, very alone…

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