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As a Parisian, I’m often asked what I miss about Paris and France in general? Even though I don’t reside there anymore. I do travel back to Paris about four to five months out of the year. But to be honest with you, I haven’t missed much due to the noise, the filth, the crowds along with the constant construction, the strikes, the bureaucracy and especially the politics.

“Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant.”

–Honoré de Balzac


Things I miss about Paris

1) The first thing that I miss is freshly baked French baguettes. I’ve traveled the world, and yes I found many French bakeries. However, there’s something different about a baguette made in France — something that can’t be recreated.

2) I miss the pastries. No other country comes close to the French when it comes to pasties.

3) I miss the French cafés, sitting down having a cup of tea with my husband and our children. There’s something about the atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else in the world but in France.

4) The ability to travel to other countries is just a hop, skip and jump with high-speed rail or by plane that will take you to most European countries.

5) The fashion. The French have a certain way of looking very presentable, and that’s a wonderful thing because I find that people in New York don’t pay attention to appearance.

6) I miss having picnics at the parks, walking around Paris and glaring out at all the beautiful architecture from the museums, to libraries, from churches to cultural landmarks and more…

7) Walking along the Seine River with my inner circle having a glass of wine, talking about Art and the Ballet — taking the time to enjoy our time together.

8) Climbing up the steps of Montmartre, going to Le Maison Rose, our favorite tea shop, buying a few painting from local artists and enjoying the views of Paris.

9) Walking around Paris at night with a Nutella-banana crêpe in my hand and chocolate all over my lips. It reminds me of home, it reminds me of simpler times.

10) I miss getting dressed up and going to the Opéra or the Ballet with KC.

11) Shopping at Dior, Chanel and at Galeries Lafayette and going on the rooftop with a Amorino gelato , gazing out towards Paris.

12) I miss the convenience of the Paris Métro although I would never take it alone without my husband.

13) I miss fresh vegetables and fruits.

14) I miss sitting out on our terrace snacking on French cheese and butter with a warm baguettes and white wine.

15) OMG! All French Chocolate shops.

16) Having tea with French Macarons.

17) Drinking cheap wine.

18) I miss waking up in our loft located at the Jardin of Luxembourg.

19) Riding around Paris at night on the back of my husband’s motorcycle.

20) Bertie’s Cupcakes.

Anyway, I do miss Paris and I’ll be back at the end of the month for one of my events. Hopefully it won’t be canceled due to the the ongoing strikes.

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