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Why are Americans so friendly and why do the French find this a problem? Are there cultural differences or are the French just stuck up?

If we take it back an inch, being polite is definitely an American cultural thing as well as up-bring, and that extends at home, school and being out and being about, all the way to customer service, especially service in America: from dining or shopping which is a code of conduct: the customer is always right, compensate them for their trouble and bend over backwards to make them happy so that they will be a life-long customer. That’s a pretty fair trade off if you ask me and Americans in general are quite polite with a smile to one another, chit-chatting on the checkout line, holding doors for one another and so on and so forth.

Americans always seem to want people to feel happy and they are very concerned about their fellowman. But in Paris and France in general, that doesn’t really exist. They couldn’t give two damns what you think and I remember when I had a problem with something I purchased at a well-known store and the store owner wouldn’t return or exchange it for me and I wound up just contacting my credit card company and canceling the order.

I think being nice and make someone else’s day is healthy and respectful. Unfortunately, the French have a reputation of being smug, and that can be frustrating for Americans. Although I’ve met many nice people who have extended themselves, the general consensus leans more towards being rude.

Being French, that makes me quite upset. When I’m back in New York, 99% of time, I always leave satisfied and leave with a smile. Positivity! As Americans, if we go out of our way for someone the favor will always come back to you in the end — we don’t expect anything in return, but doing a good deed, well you know the old saying…

I know, I know what your about to say my little French croissants. Of course, America has its problems and we can be rude. But generally, it’s not in our nature. What do you think?

Again, it goes back to the French way-of-life and being pessimistic all the time while Americans are willing to take risks and be quite optimistic (being gong-ho) about everything for better or worse. 

But in the end, I can accept the rudeness in France, and with all of that, I will always have a smile on my face. As my husband says, “Paris is like a fake girlfriend, who you broke up with but remained friends for some reason or another.” Anyway, to close this out, this is not a comparison, or maybe it is: but there is something about American culture that makes the world a better place. I wish we all did that more on a daily basis.

“Never regret anything that makes you smile…”

–R+KC+I <3 

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