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Never say can’t

To the haters, the doubters, or everyone who told you anyone with a dream ‘can’t.’ With this new generation not relying on the entertainment world, a world where I come from; when you’re a creator, you don’t need someone telling you in your ear what you can and can’t do or what you can and can’t say. But, we know something that they don’t know. You can become a writer, a blogger, a youtuber, anything with all the possibilities in the world. But, you gotta get out there and be you and do your stuff and the rest will be history. Just keep moving forward and in this new world, anything is possible and be like the 1927 New York Yankees, Murders Row stacking trophy’s. Now, go out and do something great and go buy plane ticket and hoop a flight to Paris, put on your headphones and go explore. Be you, and never comprise yourself.

Now a little secret that I will share with you. Kurt Vonnegut was a neighbor of mine and let me tell you something. In all my years in college, I learned nothing. But from Kurt, I learned more from him, than any education I received in school. In my book, Book Three Jolies Pensées, I put in a tip for those who want to write. Kurt gave me many careful instructions that I will pass (some) along to you. “Here you go kid. Tell a story in such a way that he or she will feel that the time is not wasted. (It’s our love and friendship) “Give the reader at least one character that he or she can root for.” (I guess that’s me guys) “Every character should want something. (That’s Isabelle) “And, he or she should feel something.” (That’s Isabelle) “And, all the writing should reveal the character and their actions.” (That would be me) “And emotions and vulnerabilities.” (And, me again) “Start your story as close to the end as possible.” (I did that) “Be a sadist.” (Yep, did that, too) “See what the character is made of while writing to please just one person.” (And I did that, too Kurt. I did that for Isabelle…)” Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check and Check… I loved his advice, “Just keep writing kid. Don’t worry how you write the book, just write it with the reader in mind and you’ll get better with time.” Don’t worry Kurt, I won’t let you down…


01 So, I’m trying to illustrate a point here without the use of diagrams or what books to buy. So, let me just get right to the point. I’m in New York right now and I will return to Paris by the time I post this. It’s raining outside and today seems like the opportune day to make a post that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I wanted to explain to you exactly how I write and what I see as the recipe when cranking out page after page for our lovely story. For creating these notes and diaries, first a quick short ‘past’ history lesson. I always found myself writing, nothing serious until I befriend Kurt Vonnegut in a cafe that was not that too far away from our my flat in Manhattan. Being that I’m a fashion photographer and Kurt, an Author. Our mediums matched. By the way, if you would like to see some of my photo shoots from Fashion Week or other layouts. Have a peek after you finish reading up. AttaDog Studios, New York

So, back in the day, before I started writing. A typical day would be shooting for a Fashion Designer or an editorial spread for a fashion magazine where I started to document my day with the models, ‘a day in life,’ for designers and industry people. It was a quite a different genre back then. It was fascinating, keeping a journal and working in an industry as a photographer that quite few will ever experience. But, it became linear; the day begins, I did my work and there I shot as the day ends, sifting through my photographs. But, I found it fascinating. I was obsessed like the way Renée and Isabelle are obsessed with cupcakes.

I think what fascinated me the most about my non-fiction writings was this happy narrative that eventually turned into my novels. So, on one end of the spectrum, you have authors that just crank out garbage sharing every aspect of their daily lives into a book just for the money or fame. All lies, but with myself and my inner circle, I shared our stories from our lives, reliving our lives. I wanted to do something completely different and I wanted to test that one thing; what would happen if I wrote down and recorded my times in Paris and New York with the girls and my inner circle. It’s always been in me to write down every single detail, like a blueprint, but it wasn’t about me going about with my daily life. I brought you into our lives, giving a glimpse and leaving you wanting to know more or in many cases shocked.

I was full of energy and I wrote fifteen books in one year, over four thousands, five hundred pages, some were added to our books, and others not. But that made me excited and that’s when I made the decision that I would start write daily. That was the thinking that went through my head and the most important thing is of course the story. But, what is a story? Kurt gave me the basics when education back in his day was taught right. “Let’s face it, every good story follows three simple rule: the rule of a three-act narrative. You have a beginning, a middle and an end. Set up conflict resolution. For example, Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Act 1. Jack fell down and broke his crown, Act 2. Jill came tumbling after Jack. Act 3.

So, conclude that conflict resolution or a happy ending, maybe and that is what’s at the core of a well-told story and a story that drives any premise. I promise myself that I would be truthful at all times and bring you a sense of intimacy into our lives.

Simple ! Good Luck ! Voilà !

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