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Hmmmmmmmmm wouldn't you like to know. What's most important to us is living in the moment and these guys are the most important people in my life: Renée and Isabelle, Baby Renée and Baby Gabrielle, Madeleine and Baby Isabelle & Baby Gemma, Yulia and Baby Gabriella, Alla and Baby Yasmina, Chloé and Emmanuelle, Solèn and Baby Amélie, Anabelle and Baby Natalia, Anastasia and Baby Natasha, Adalene, Manon, Mikey, Kevin, Tommy, Billy, Johnny, Pete, AJ, Vlad, Tim, Doc and lots of Hugos.
Our home is Paris, our second home is New York and third home is in Saint Petersburg. And, as far as our careers. Let's just say that we live a very good life and believe me we were quite thankful for every minute of every day. Sometimes, you need a lot of luck; some of it is hard work, but in the end, we didn’t choose our careers, it chose us. At times, life could seem impossible, but we were given an opportunity to do something fun and nothing more…
living every moment and second...
It's not just a love story. It’s everything we do together because of our love and friendship. It's about living in Paris and reliving our lives. It's diary driven and how we all left our prominent jobs while giving you clues about us; it's a story that will drown you with emotion, the way a story is supposed to be written. It's about how two French girls changed the course of seven men. It's how we all grew up, bringing you to places in Paris and how we dealt with personal issues when they hit hard. It's a story where KC talks to the readers looking for advice or putting the readers in their place with annotations. He wanted to write something interesting, beautiful and intricately patterned that will make you reexamine your life: driven by lovely thoughts, a narrative that will linger in your mind, carrying you through our works like an epitaph, based on affinity. Like the first opening line: ‘The life we shared in Paris, so simple, yet so blissful, a simple life of doing something you love, in a place that you love to be.’
How many novels has KC written
Our Ongoing Series

16 books and over 5,574 pages...

Book 1. Je ne partirai pas sans toi - 370 pages
Book 2. Je suis perdu sans toi - 300 pages
Book 3. Jolies Pensées - 324 pages
Book 4. Histoires d'amour Cachées Part I. - 402 pages
Book 4. Histoires d'amour Cachées Part II. - 400 pages
Book 5. Petit Cadeau Mesdame - 310 pages
Book 6. Tu sais où me trouver - 328 pages
Book 7. Le temps vole - 310 pages
Book 8. Mon Amour Vrai - 336 pages
Book 9. Je sens ta présence - 300 pages
Book 10. Au cœur d'un ange - 312 pages
Book 11. Je rêve de vous - 316 pages
Book 12. Toi et moi - 346 pages
Book 13. Un Peu de Joie - 320 pages
Book 14. Renée and me - Not for sale - 446 pages
Book 15. The Ballad of Isabelle and KC - Not for sale - 454 pages
Once you try their cupcakes, you'll soon understand the girl's obsession. Bertie's Cupcakes even has a Cake Studio, and everything is baked from scratch and you can smell it from miles away. They even have cake and cupcake decorating classes and you can even rent their place for a party. It's just a five-minute walk from their place of business and by the way, none of us work for Bertie's. We just appreciate good pastries. Bon Appétit!

P.S. The girls were relentless and not an ounce of fat on their model-like bodies. Somehow, Renée and Isabelle always tricked me. Anyway, Isabelle was a master of distraction, and Renée was a master of deception--quite dangerous if you ask me. Anyway, who cares just as long as they were happy because without them I was lost…

He once said, 'I live nowhere. It depends. Am I getting better? Kind of, maybe, I don't know, it's day-by-day... thinking about my profession--carefully, often wondering why I chose my profession. I don't think it was necessarily me choosing it, it chose me.'
Fondest memory R+KC+I ♥
Those sneakers that light up...
A three-way kiss R+KC+I ♥
Their soft three-way kiss: Renée, Isabelle and KC and that night they placed their own Lockets of Love at Pont des Arts...
The most romantic thing KC did for the girls?
Every moment together is a romantic encounter. But that one night we were all in Paris at a live club and KC got up on stage and started to sing Billy Idol's Rebel Yell. Oh my god, his voice and he pulled Renée and me up on the stage and started to sing. 'I walked the world with you, babe. A thousand miles with you. I dried your tears of pain, babe. A million times for you. I'd sell my soul for you, babe. For money to burn for you. I'd give you all, and have none, babe. Justa, justa, justa, justa, justa, justa, justa, justa, to have you here by me... because!
KC's a selfless act of love
KC gave up his own life to make sure that our inner circle was safe, a selfless act, a selfless act of love, a real man, my man!
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Pstt. Girls...
A little message, Mon Amour
I love Isabelle’s passion, and you often read my love for the ocean and space and my life went from looking up at the stars to walking among them with her.
Taking a deep breath
Our flats in Paris and New York all have that romantic aroma in the air of COCO Chanel’s Mademoiselle, Kusmi tea/thé and the sweet smell of grape bubble gum ♥
"No secrets, KC."
"No secrets, Baby."